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Free Range Chickens, Eggs, Duck & Pheasant

In addition to the wild boar, pigs and cattle, we have poultry which produce free range eggs and chicken and also pheasant in season (October to February).

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Old Glossop Farm Produce - Rearing Our Wild Boar and Traditional Breed Pigs

Our Wild Boar and Traditional Breed Pigs

The wild boar:

  • Include Russian and European wild boar, the Russian wild boar are larger than their European counterparts and more hardy.
  • Our wild boar are naturally slow growing, mating in winter to produce the young in spring time.
  • The young wild boar stay in their famly groups when they are set free to roam around our farm for around 4 months.
  • Our wild boar are reared in the Peak District on soil with a high pH content which contributes to the flavour of the meat.
  • The wild boar meat is far tastier than commercially produced pig, which has a more bland flavour by comparison.
  • We cross-breed wild boar with 3 types of pigs to produce a higher quality meat flavoured by our customers.

Traditional Breed Pigs

Old Glossop Farm ProduceWe rear three breeds of pig to be bred with our wild boar:

  • Gloucester Old Spot is an English pig breed which is predominantly coloured white with black spots.  This was a declining breed until consumers changed the way in which they perceive meat. Now, farmers are choosing to breed Old Spot in a bid to add value to their products. They are sometimes called the "bacon" pig as these pigs have a large depth of body and produce more meat per 100 kg of carcass.
  • Essex pig, often known as the British Saddleback, is an old English pig breed, which was thought to have been amalgamated between the Essex and Wessex Saddleback. Cross-breeding of Essex or Wessex sows with white boars was popular with farmers in the late 1950’s. The breeding between these 2 pigs produces a dual-purpose pig that sells commercially for its bacon and pork. The Saddleback pig has a place in today’s organic farming and is known to be a hardy pig and an excellent grazer.
  • Tamworth pig is one of the oldest pig breeds in the United Kingdom, dating back to the Iron Age. Originally from Ireland, it was known as the ‘Irish Grazer’ and is thought to be one of the purest swine breeds. The Tamworth is an exceptional choice for cross-breeding with the wild boar. The Tamworth is also known as a bacon pig and this dual-purpose pig also provides delicious pork. The sausage that we produce is from the Tamworth breed, crossed with our wild boar, gives a flavoursome and distinctive taste. The Tamworth pig grazes amicably with our cattle and they are ideal for forage based farming.

Wild Boar, Saddleback, Gloucester Old Spot & Tamworth Pigs.

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